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Manufacturer of high-performance galvanometer scanners and galvanometer-based scanning systems for deflection and positioning of laser beams.

About us

For more than 25 years, SCANLAB develops and manufactures high-performance galvanometer scanners and galvanometer-based scanning systems for the deflection and positioning of laser beams. By precisely moving mirrors and optics, the products guide and position laser beams in up to three dimensions.

With about 300 highly qualified and motivated employees and more than 20,000 scan solutions installed every year, SCANLAB has become the world-leading and independent OEM manufacturer of scan solutions.

The products and systems are used for laser material processing (e.g. marking, welding, cutting, drilling, micro machining, additive and rapid manufacturing) and for medical and biomedical technology (e.g. ophthalmology, dermatology, confocal microscopy). The company offers solutions optimized for each of these highly varied markets and demanding applications.

Siemensstr. 2a
82178 Puchheim

Phone: +49 898 007460

Products and services

High-performance galvanometer scanners, 2D- and 3D-scan heads, ultra-compact scan heads for high-speed applications (more than 1,200 cps), complex scan solutions for USP and high-power lasers (multi-kW range), customized systems, vision solutions, advanced control electronics (also on-the-fly), laser processing software, laser optics and accessories.
excelliSCAN - the new premium scanning standard

SCANLAB's excelliSCAN scan head sets new high-end standards for meeting the most challenging demands. Its groundbreaking SCANahead control technology and field-proven dynAXISse digital-encoder galvanometers attain previously unreachable dynamic performance and precision. This translates to enormous gains in productivity and process accuracy.

Innovative excelliSCAN design features:

- New SCANahead control
- dynAXISse digital-encoder galvanometers
- Housing innovations

basiCube - for laser labeling applications

TbasiCube is a scan head specifically designed for laser labeling applications. Its extreme compactness and ease of integration make it well-suited for installation in production lines.

basiCube's advantages:

-Very high write speeds
-Ideal in conjunction with fiber lasers
-Ultra-compact scan head – easy integration
-Attractive price/performance ratio
-Made in Germany

Further reading

excelliSHIFT: z-shifting that breaks the speed limit

SCANLAB‘s dynamic z axis extends your 2D scan head to a 3D scan system.

Due to its highly innovative design and field-proven galvanometer technology, it drastically raises dynamic performance unreached by conventional z adjusters.

The achieved identical dynamics of all three axes now opens up entirely new processing strategies and opportunities. Furthermore, this new technology uses only reflective optical components. This allows using different wavelengths without dispersion.

News & Innovations

Green Lasers Allow Finer Structures
New precSYS 515 micromachining subsystem for electronics fabrication

Leading OEM scan solution manufacturer SCANLAB GmbH is presenting a new member of its precSYS product line at the LASER World of PHOTONICS 2019 tradeshow in Munich, Germany. Five-axis precSYS subsystems enable industrial ultra-short-pulse (USP) laser micromachining of flexible, definable geometries with high aspect ratios. The availability of a subsystem optimized for 515-nm lasers is particularly attractive in the electronics industry, where it allows creating probe cards with even finer lateral structures. Ongoing technological advances in the consumer electronics and mechanical engineering sectors bring
countless changes to how electronic components such as PCBs, control elements and sensors are made. Here, a relatively new laser processing market is the production of probe cards for testing integrated circuits. These probe cards place the highest demands on laser micromachining systems used in micro-structuring applications.
To even better address such demands, SCANLAB is extending its precSYS product line with a subsystem optimized for 515-nm green lasers. That’s exactly half the applied wavelength of a 1030-nm infrared laser, which leads to a much smaller spot size and enhanced lateral precision in processing challenging materials. At the same beam
aperture angle, a larger aspect ratio is achievable.
All precSYS scan solutions are galvo-based 5-axis subsystems for integration into laser machines. Thanks to their flexible laser beam positioning capabilities (in the x, y, z, α and β directions), these scan heads offer the highest freedom in developing new process
strategies. Circular, elliptical or linear trajectories can be defined for processing in 2D or 3D.
Effective immediately, the entire product line has received a servo control strategy update that enables even higher rotational frequencies and processing speeds in drilling operations. The new DrillControl software version supports both versions of precSYS and allows to use also existing laser jobs. Initial precSYS 515 systems will be orderable
as of Q4 2019.
Further reading
More Productivity for Micromachining and 3D Printing
New Scan System with 20-Millimeter Aperture Broadens Product Portfolio

Laser technology manufacturer SCANLAB is extending its premium-segment product family with the excelliSCAN 20.
This new scan system targets exceptionally demanding applications such as micromachining and additive manufacturing (3D printing). The excelliSCAN family’s well-known advantages – smart servo control technology, a universal tuning and optimized cooling – will be supplemented via the new scanner with its larger 20-millimeter aperture.
The diverse demands of customers and applications are stretching laser processing’s technological boundaries ever further. In 3D printing, key criteria include performance and dynamics – i.e. maximally efficient processes
with high throughput. And the micromachining field is expanding its application spectrum from classic drilling and structuring of large-area
components all the way to functionalizing surfaces.
The new excelliSCAN 20 scan system possesses all excelliSCAN product family advantages: Innovative SCANahead servo control technology enables extra speed and precision. Improved thermal management permits higher long-term stability, even under high and varying loads. And digital encoder technology guarantees maximum positioning accuracy.
For 3D printing users, this larger-apertured system features a high-performance scan head with fast acceleration for exceptionally short acceleration periods. The notably higher dynamics raise productivity by shortening non-productive idle times, like jumps or changes of direction. And for micromachining scenarios such as OLED display fabrication, the 20-millimeter aperture permits processing of larger working fields at the
same spot size as smaller-apertured scan systems.
“With the excelliSCAN 20, we’re serving demand from customers who want to break through their previous processing limitations. Initial application tests have been very promising,” comments CEO Georg Hofner on the scan solution’s market launch. Test systems will be available for order shortly from the manufacturer. Further reading
Advanced-Performance Laser Marking at an Entry-Level Price
Compact high-dynamics scan head for labeling applications

Leading OEM laser scan system manufacturer SCANLAB GmbH is expanding its lineup of entry-level scan heads with the new basiCube 14. This compact-class scan system features excellent price/performance and a 14-mm aperture for high-precision marking using small spots. That makes it ideal in electronics labeling applications. The consumer goods and electronics sectors are governed by high volume production and unrelenting
price pressure. In manufacturing, every core component is subject to demanding expectations regarding throughput, reliability and low cost.
SCANLAB now extends its product portfolio via the ultra-compact basiCube 14 scan head, a priceeffective variant that features a larger 14-mm aperture and mechanical compatibility with the well-established SCANcube series. This new model assures 600-cps writing speeds, additional productivity can be realized through the proven ‘on-the-fly functionality’ of the RTC control board. The scan system will be manufactured in Germany under strict quality standards. Further reading

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